Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Fifty-Five, Part Deux, AKA Hot Diggety Damn!

I just missed you guys sooooo much I had to weigh myself and measure myself so I'd have something to tell you...and boy oh boy, do I have somethin' to tell ya!

Eight Weeks BFL:

Weight:     175 (down 3 lbs from Week 6-->FIFTEEN LBS TOTAL!)
Bust:         41.25" (down .5"-->down 1.75" total)
Arm:         12.75" (no change-->down .75" total)
Waist:       36.75" (down 1.75"!!-->down 6.25" total!!)
Abdomen: 41.25" (down 1.00"-->down 3.25" total)
Butt:          42" (down .25"-->down 1.00" total)
Thigh:        24.5" (no change-->down 3.50" total)
Calf:          15" (down .25"-->down .50" total)
B(ullshit)MI: 29.1 (down .5-->down 2.5 points total)

So...comparison wise, I just lost about:

60 sticks of butter!
A nice size Thanksgiving turkey
3 sacks of potatoes
a watermelon
60 sticks of butter
15 one-pounder bags of M&Ms
my post-pregnancy weight (finally!)
15 packages of butter...which add up to (you guessed it)
....and a partridge in a pear tree!
And I got into a pair of size 10 jeans today...and that means I got in, zipped 'em and buttoned 'em and everythang!

As my sister-in-law once said when I complimented her physique in a photo...RIPPITY DOO DA!

Ahem...thank you, that concludes today's presentation.  w00t!


  1. go erin! you ROCK!
    you must be so proud of your hard work, and keeping at it after being sick - an easy way to fall off the horse, but you got back on.
    wow, i am again inspired to consider improving my body too... but that chocolate is just sooo soothing... sad... ;)

  2. I can't keep it in the house...well, I'm lying...peppermint patties only have a little amount of chocolate, and that's about all I can handle. I am completely without defense when it comes to those damn Dove bars.