Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day Fifty-Two

You know, laptops are super awesome, in my opinion.  You can just flip 'em open, use 'em, flip 'em shut.  You can pull them into the bed with you and look at cool thingies on "teh interwebs", as my lol-speaking friends like to say.  You can also unplug them and take them all over the place, which is cool, too.  Except when the person taking the laptop all over the place is not you.  Then you (read: me) is sad and unhappy that some silly student person has taken the computer and left you with the plugs, which don't do zip except make you feel like you got robbed.  But I am getting over that, and also am becoming aware that I may have a little addiction to Facebook.  The itchiness in my fingers only subsides when I am cruising FB, posting, visiting other people's "walls"'s getting a little embarassing.

Anyway, back to business.  I did eat well yesterday, and I did work out, although I didn't get to run.  Since I was all alone, with just my toddler and no (sniff) laptop, and I didn't want to leave my apartment to go run at the gym and leave my sleeping two-year old unattended in the house (Division of Social Services probably wouldn't like that idea too much...or my mother, come to think of it), I ended up celebrating my inner dork and doing a hard-core twenty minutes of...DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION! 

I think I just lost a couple of followers for my blog, just now. 

It does make it interesting though, since I look like a drunk rhino/rabid water buffalo falling in slow motion.  And even better is the humbling part, where I get so tired and ragged and my feet tangle up so I get my left confused with my right.  That and my downstairs neighbor must l-o-v-e me. 

I also just finished my Upper Body Workout, about thirty minutes ago.  Apparently I am embracing that whole night owl thing.  Also, when Andrew falls asleep for nap, all I want to do is nap, too.  So I'm rolling with that. 

A friend paid me a compliment today and asked if I was losing weight.  She asked me what I was doing to lose the weight, and I told her a little about Body-for-LIFE.  I also told her about the Pumpkin Run, and she was so sweet to tell me that she wanted to be there to cheer for me.  I'm part charmed and chagrined about the idea of running towards some kind of finish line with friends being supportive.  Except that my vanity will be wondering how much of me is flowing all over the place (thighs, arms, etc) and whether I look like a runner or someone having an epileptic attack.  I guess that's a problem for another day, and perhaps I should get my head out of my butt.  See you tomorrow!

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