Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day Fifty-Seven

Here it is, the start of Week Nine.  Wow.  I don't think I made it this far the first time I "tried" BFL.  Now, however, I am already planning the next twelve weeks after this one.  Oh yeah, baby, this is just the beginning.

I switched it up today and took Andrew to the YMCA this morning (thank you Child Watch!) and ran instead of the traditional weight lifting routine on a Monday.  So I ran my 20 minutes on the treadmill (didn't knock off the emergency magnet this time, either!), and then I went to the indoor track to run a little more.  I clocked 1.6 miles on the treadmill, and I wanted to see if I could go the 2.5 miles that the Pumpkin Run is supposed to be.  So I ran an additional mile.  And it wasn't even that bad!  That's the surprising part.  I ran 18 laps around this track and kept a pretty steady pace the whole time.  I did walk one lap and I also sprinted one lap, just for kicks.  I feel a bit more confident about this run, now that I know I can actually, physically go the distance.  Now I need to start factoring in hills and such, since I am pretty much a zero incline runner.  Let's see, can Erin possibly overcomplicate a little run like this?  Ooooh yes.

Other than that, it's been a pretty good day.  Had some trouble with the people kibble (doggone Amish Friendship bread.), but since the item has been completely eradicated (read: eaten), it can't cause any more trouble.  That's my old thinking popping up.  See, if I just go ahead and eat the whole thing, whatever the particular bad food is, then it can't hurt me anymore, right?  Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?  Sort of like smoking the whole pack because you were just craving one cigarette, and since you cracked it open, rather than throwing it away, you might as well get your money's worth.

Eleven days to the run.

Twenty-seven days until the end of my first BFL cycle, the "after" pictures and final weigh and measure.

Seventy-three days until Christmas. (Are my knitting friends gritting their teeth yet?)

Approximately fifteen and half more years until Andrew is in college.

Got some stuff to do.  Going to bed so I can be well-rested to do it.  See you tomorrow!

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  1. I love it: "And it wasn't even that bad!" You are so AWESOME!!

    And so was your Amish bread, I must say (I ate it all immediately upon returning home).