Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day Eighty-Three...12-Week Measurements.

Wow.  I finished.  Well, sort of.

I am going to start Week One of the next BFL weight removal segment this upcoming Monday, November 9th.  So I'm not really done, but I am finished with the first twelve weeks.  Wow.

I am really surprised (pleasantly) that I have stuck it out, even though I hardly was an A+ student when it came to this.  I had a few bad weeks in there, some life stuff going on, and I was far from perfect, but I kept going, and that is what is really making me smile right now.  I really enjoy this stuff now, and I am still making this way of eating and being active a habit.  Whoever it was that said it takes three weeks to make a habit and three weeks to break a habit doesn't know me!

Here it is, for better or worse....(drumroll)....

Weight:          170 (down 5 lbs, down 20 POUNDS TOTAL!!)
Bust:              41.75" (up .5", down 1.25" total)
Arm:              12.25" (down .5", down 1.25" total)
Waist:            37.5" (up .75", down 5.5" total (ugh))
Abdomen:      40" (down 1.25", down 4.5" total!!)
Butt:               41.5" (down .5", down 4" total!!)
Thigh:             24.5" (no change, down 3.5" total!)
Calf:               14.75" (down .25", down .75" total!)
BMI:              28.3 (down 3.3 total)

I have tried many different ways to lose weight (just check back with some of my earliest posts if you want an incomplete list), and this is the very first time I have ever lost so much weight in one go.  Scratch that, removed that much weight.  Twenty pounds.  20.  That is a lot to me.  I surpassed my goal of losing 15 pounds of fat!  I don't know where I ever stored those suckers (well, yeah, I kinda do know).  I am a little bummed that my waist increased, but I think that it is in the range of ok and normal for me.  It has been a stressful few weeks and I am not too surprised at that increase.  However, I still decreased almost everywhere else, and didn't lose ground anywhere else.  I am glad to see the downward trend continue. 

20 lbs is like losing:
80 (!!!!) sticks of butter
four 5-lb bags of sugar
a big turkey
a toddler (well, don't try doing that, Department of Social Services gets mad if you do that!)
9.0718474 kilograms
a car tire
twenty one-pound sacks of M&M's (how many M&Ms would that be?)

My new goal for the upcoming 12-week weight removal segment is something I've been thinking about, as is what my ideal overall goal weight will be.  It is getting very exciting over here!  Party on!

I am going to get Steve to take my "after" shots (oh dear), so I will post those on Monday, since they will immediately morph from "after" into new "before" shots.  I will try to not suck in my gut, ok? 

Have a great weekend, and see you Monday!

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  1. holy mac-a-no-lee!
    TWENTY!? that is SOOO great!!
    and don't fixate on those tiny fluctuations in inches, you're remodeling that body, so it's gotta be muscle, baby!
    woo hoo!
    you keep this up, i may just have to join in...
    can't wait to see the 'after' pics - and hopefully in person sunday?!