Friday, November 13, 2009

BFL 2, Day Four

I am sick of the rain!!!

We have had cold, raw, damp, blowing wind and rain for what feels like three years here.  I believe we are promised a change in the weather tomorrow, and I cannot wait.  After four days of being kept indoors with a two-year old, I am desperate for some sunshine and the ability to take Andrew outside to play, instead of keeping him cooped up. 

I worked out and did some aerobics (good old Dance Dance Revolution does the trick when it's blowing frogs outside), and then did my Lower Body Workout.  It seems to go better if I can double up, so to speak, and do both at the same time.  The aerobics/cardio stuff first to get my muscles warm, and then the weights so I can move without getting weird twinges and stuff. 

Other than that, I was a goof and ate really poorly today.  Not so much what I ate, but the fact that I completely skipped breakfast, then ate half of my child's lunch and that was hardly considered BFL-appropriate.  Andrew and I crashed and slept until the early evening, and when I was pressed to come up with dinner quickly, I reached for the phone and ordered pizza.  Hey, it was fun and Andrew was sure pleased about the dinner decision I made.  Some days are like that, I guess.  At least for me. 

I will make an effort to eat breakfast tomorrow.  I end up starting my day out before everyone gets up, brewing some coffee and reading a few meditation books I like.  The coffee is a bit of an appetite suppressant for me, so then I feel like skipping eating first thing, which is a no-no.  I shall try to do it better tomorrow.  See you then!

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