Tuesday, November 10, 2009

S.T.A., Day Two, Old Before/New Before Shots

I am just getting these photos uploaded, and giggling a little bit at how silly Steve and I were in the kitchen.  He just insisted on making a sign that had the date on it, sort of like that movie about people who get kidnapped in Honduras and get polaroids sent to their loved ones, where they're holding today's newspaper to prove that they're still alive.  Except we weren't using today's newspaper, just a made up sign, which is silly.  Wasn't Russell Crowe in one of those films?  Ah, anyway. 

Sometimes cameras piss me off, because they're so doggone truthful.  Whoever it was that said the TV adds on 10 pounds was just probably indulging in some wistful thinking.  I might think I look like I'm thisclose to a size 6 at the Gap or wherever, but then I see a picture of myself and I realize I still have some work to do.  Granted, I look better, definitely have lost weight, but even when I see myself in a full-length mirror, there is this part of my brain (maybe it's self-preservation?) that tricks me into thinking I look better than I really do.  Skinnier, taller, longer torso, longer legs...Claudia Schiffer's head, all that jazz.  Then I see a photo of myself, a straight up lens just showing me for me, who I really am, and it grounds me into realizing my actual size and shape.  Not always the most fun, but definitely good for lifestyle change purposes.  If I start thinking I look super-fabulous-skinny all the time, I'm going to start skipping the whole eating healthy bit, and then exercise takes a back seat, and I'm suddenly neck deep in denial again. 

Ok, I'm done stalling.  I will show you my new "after" pictures, which are now my new "before" shots, but only if I get to show you my old "before" pictures from August 15, 2009.  And, since it's my blog, I get my way!

Old "before" shot:

New "Before" shot:

I have to remind myself that I really did lose twenty pounds for my first twelve weeks, because I'm not seeing any six-pack abs right here, and no chiseled waist...I know I must technically be smaller, even if it doesn't look like that just yet.

Old "before" shot:

New "before" shot:

There is some definite improvement going on.  The weight lifting really tones all over, and that helps me with how I carry myself, and just overall muscle definition...looky here, I have a deltoid (shoulder muscle)!

See it?  See it?  Is it sad that this is one of my most favorite pictrures Steve took of me?  I look skinnier, and my upper arm looks like it has the barest bit of definition.  Oh well.

Old "before" shot:

New "before" shot:

Notice the ripples of fat around my waist?  Notice how there is a much smaller one now rather than two largish ones?  That is awesome to me, especially since I don't always get to know what the back of me looks like on a daily basis.  Much improved here.  Plus the jogging shorts aren't nearly skin tight like they were back in the beginning.

Another favorite shot:

See my arms?  I have biceps!!  And deltoids!!  And one day, God willing, my arms won't flap when I wiggle them in the air!  The best is yet to come...can't wait to see after pictures twelve weeks from now.  See you tomorrow, I have to be nice and share the computer with Steve, especially since he has a lab report and needs this thingy.  See you soon!

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