Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Seventy-Eight

Whoa.  It's the Twelfth Week!  Where did that come from?!

I am glad to be back on here, for what will hopefully be a loooong stretch of simple times, exercising, eating well and mindfully, and living life in a fashion that doesn't rush, fear, panic, or cry.  Well, there is usually rushing anyway in my normal everyday life, so scratch that part, but still....

In the past week or so, BFL has taken a back seat to some serious life stuff.  Fortunately I have had some practice in the past eleven weeks with getting back on the horse, so here I am again, butt firmly planted in the saddle.  Let's get back to basics, shall we?

I woke up this morning and had the time to drink some water, brew coffee (best invention ever) and take some time for simple reflection.  All of this got done before my son woke up--double win!  I actually had a wonderful day.  I made my favorite BFL breakfast:  whole wheat toast topped with low-fat sliced cheese and an egg done in olive oil with salt.  So delicious. 

I went to the YMCA and worked my lower body out with weights.  I did my quadriceps, my hamstrings, my calves, and finished with abdominal crunches.  I did it hard enough that I had jelly legs for the rest of the day.  And I felt good and happy about that.  I also want to add that I went running yesterday (on my FREE DAY!) and ran 2.6 miles in the cold rainy weather.  For fun.  Because I wanted to.  Cue Twilight Zone music.

Andrew and I went with our friends to a great new playground not far from where we live, and I played on the playground, like a little kid.  I spun around on this twirly metal thing, and laughed hard at my dizziness.  I crawled throught curvy tunnels (more than once), moving well considering it's child-sized and I'm a thirty-year old.  We all went for a long hike through the woods on a trail that leads by the playground, and I think my little two-year old walked somewhere in the neighborhood of a half mile, all by himself!  We ate outside, and I ate my snack of two low fat string cheese sticks and an apple, and a big bottle of water--another favorite of mine.  We headed home and had some quiet time, as opposed to nap time, since someone has decided to start staying up until 11:00 at night (ahem, it's not me).  A couple of cups of coffee and then dinner of fresh salad greens and thinly sliced chicken breast cooked in olive oil with Montreal steak seasoning, in a balsamic vinaigrette with fresh cracked black pepper and rosemary, along with a slice of whole wheat bread.  At 7:00 I had a Luna bar, the "chick" version of the Clif bar, since I can't stomach another Clif bar after eating them almost every day for nine weeks.  The chocolate peppermint stick one is phenomenally good. 

Now it's quiet.  I think Andrew might actually stay in his bedroom now, since the deer than wandered into our neighborhood have gone away.  He was so excited, running in his room, in the dark, and finally crowing through the crack under the door:  "There are DEER!"  It's cute, he loves to see them, every time, and I think they're pretty amazing, too.  I'm from St. Louis originally, and the only wildlife you ever see there is squirrels, pigeons, and rabbits.  Deer are pretty dang exotic to me still.

Tomorrow is an Aerobics Solutions day, and I have to figure out where to fit that in still, but I fully plan on doing it.  I am very much looking forward to a week of simple BFL following, and seeing how this first twelve-week transformation will pan out.  Tomorrow I'll tell you all what my goals were that I wrote down at the very beginning of this whole thing.  If they are what I think they are, it should be kind of funny.  See you tomorrow!

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