Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day Thirty-Seven

It's late, and I am feeling a little bothered.

First off, thank you very much for your supportive comments on my post yesterday.  It's always a good feeling when I come to a strong opinion on something, and other people end up saying that it is English I'm speaking in, it does make sense, and they sympathize.  Triple score!

Today I am feeling irritated because of the dumbest thing in the world.  That doggone number on the scale looks like it is creeping up, even though I have been behaving myself.  I know that number doesn't define me, and that I am working out with weights, and I'm not seventeen years old so it might take a while, and on and on, but I admit, I still totally get hung up on that number.  I had to work so hard to lose the eleven pounds (w00t) that I have lost, I sure as hell don't want to see any of those suckers creeping back onto my body.  I had to think to myself, "what am I not doing right?"  I am eating the right way, my meals are not spaced too far apart, I worked out yesterday and today.  Last week I missed two out of three of my Aerobics workouts (oops), so maybe that's what's going on?  It is so stupid to get hung up on, but I want the FAT OFFFFFF! 

On the plus side, when I was putting lotion on my legs (go self-care!), I noticed that my calf muscle looks very lovely.  It has muscle showing through, and I can see it flex and stuff.  I definitely felt it flexing this morning when I had the charley horse from hell, too!  I was whimpering and trying to hobble off of the bed so I could stand on my leg and work the charley horse out.   And why on earth is it called a charley horse?!  I guess I better head to wikipedia to answer that one....

Also, I forgot to tell you something else I did this weekend.  I signed up for the Pumpkin Run 4k Race!  It is October 24th, and I get a pair of socks for running in it.  I'm so neurotic that I'm already getting a little nervous about it.  Silly questions floated through my head today regarding the race...can I run with my little Pearly iPod in my ears?  Is that against the rules?  What if I have to walk a fair bit?  What if I fall?  Ahhhh, glad to see my brain is still reliable in respect to coming up with ways to trip me up.

So now I'm off to bed.  It's late, and I don't want to oversleep two days in a row for work.  Thank God Andrew wandered in to wake me up this morning at 7:20--we were supposed to be at work at 8:00!  We made it in, but were late by nearly 10 minutes.  So I better get to sleep so I don't play whack-a-mole with the snooze button in the morning.  See you tomorrow!

PS:  I just had to sneak off and look up Charley Horses.  This is a hoot.  It can be known as a "dead leg" or a "granddaddy".  In Australia it can be called a corked leg or a "corky."  It can be in the thigh (traditional location), from getting a bruise on the thigh muscles (like when playing soccer and you catch a knee up there--sort of makes the same mark as a kick from a horse), or a simple muscle cramp in the leg or foot.  I am such a dork!

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  1. Hey Erin, don't forget all that muscle weight you're putting on! A friend of mine had a job for a while involving alot of physical labor and started complaining about how fat she was. I thought she was getting an eating disorder because the fat was dropping off her like fleas off a cat with Frontline and she was getting downright SKINNY, but her scale was registering the muscles. Remember muscle weighs more than fat! And water water water for the nice new muscles, charley horses suck! (Duh, says Erin.)

    I bet most of the people doing that run aren't near as in shape as you are. I sure ain't (but then I ain't runnin either, so you got me beat on both counts). You totally rock, even entering the thing! You rock in general, thanks for the blog!

    - Wendy