Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day Thirty

I just elbowed Steve off of the computer.  He's being so annoying, what with all this "studying" and "working" and now he's snapping my picture with the frackin' digital camera because he's laughing at what I'm wearing.  It's not fair!  I'm sufffering from Facebook withdrawal and I missed my blog entry for yesterday because of his *stupid* school stuff...I mean, who really needs to be all smart like that, really??

Things have been ok.  My free day was actually pretty understated (for me).  I didn't feel like digging a deep hole for myself, so I enjoyed myself, but I didn't go out and buy a Buddha carved out of butter or anything (bummer).  I worked out really well yesterday, and I even ran this evening at about 9:45, to make sure I got it in, even though I feel a bit funky and kind of didn't want to do it.

Part of me is bummed, too.  I have been working pretty hard with BFL, and it's been almost a month exactly since I started BFL, and my brain is telling me that I should be right up there with Bar Rafael or something (substitute Linda Evangelista if you have no idea who Bar is).  I know it's going to take some time for my body shape to change, but I am feeling a wee bit impatient.  I don't necessarily want the unreasonable...I just want to see my upper arms shrink down, so those muscles I've worked on can show.  Or maybe that gnarly stomach of mine will stop pooching and slouching everywhere, since I've been lifting weights, running, and doing stomach crunches like a weightlifter who ran out of steroids. 

I think I'm going to tell my head to stuff it, and stop talking to me and telling me this is going nowhere.  I know that's not true, but I feel a little discouraged this evening, for some reason.  I will get some sleep, and be back tomorrow.  I'll see you then!

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  1. i wonder how you manage day after day with all you're doing! it's sooo hard - give yourself a break. caring for andrew, working, not getting enough sleep, plus trying to cook well and exercise takes a lot out of a person.
    keep on truckin' erin, I'm rootin' for you!