Sunday, August 16, 2009


Tomorrow is the big day. I had to run a couple more errands today to get fully ready for my new start tomorrow. First off, I had to run back to Play-It-Again Sports to get more of the dumbell weights for working out. Steve had very smartly pointed out that I will need four of the weights, two for each dumbell, and two dumbells in each hand for stuff like biceps curls, flyes, etc. I went back and got the last of the 2.5s, 5s, and 10s.

I also went back to the grocery store to pick up Egg Beaters, brown rice, and some chocolate protein powder. Not sure how I feel about this whole protein powder thing, but I was looking for vitamins and remembered in Body-for-LIFE that Bill Phillips talked about protein powder also having all these vitamins in there, and I know that when I'm working out and trying to eat right, as I have tried dieting in the past, that I really enjoy making smoothies sometimes, so I went for it. I didn't get any fancy name brand, I figure I'll start out with one that had the most protein in it, so I wouldn't feel hungry right away after eating it, and I made sure I got chocolate, 'cause honestly, if you have a choice, would you really get strawberry flavored protein powder? Really? I also bought salmon and some flowers for the house, which is nice and makes me feel good to look at them.

I also got to work early, so to speak. I got up this morning with Andrew, and while he was chowing down on breakfast and watching a little TV, I was filling out my exercise plan for tomorrow and planning my meals. After we came home from running errands today, Andrew ate lunch and I cooked chicken breasts, kale, and am about to grill some zucchini. I remember from the last time I tried BFL I liked having already cooked a whole bag of those frozen chicken breasts they sell at the store, and slicing them and keeping them in a baggie or in a container in the fridge. It's easy to reach in, grab the correct amount (the size of my palm), reheat it in the microwave, and add some seasonings to it to make it extra yummy. I am a big fan of Frank's Hot Sauce, personally. But other tasty things could be soy sauce, Mrs. Dash, whatever. I cooked the kale very simply. I sauted half a big onion in olive oil (the holy monosaturated fat that is ok for BFL) and added the kale, and it was fresh out of a sink full of cold water, so the water held in the kale made it all steam and cook down. The zucchini is sliced in half lengthwise and salted to bring out the water. I have a special All-Clad grill pan (love love love this pan) and I grill the zucchini in it with a little olive oil. Put grill marks in one side, flip zucchini, repeat. Stop when the zucchini is somewhat soft and cooked through, but not mush.

I got Steve to take my before pictures last night, and, as I said I would, I am putting them up. I also have printed out the pictures on our photo printer and am going to put them in my journal and most likely the fridge. Here I am, in all my glory. Behold my before-ness:

Le Rowr. No really, stop drooling into your lap. The second photo I just had to do a little jig for joy because I'm so loving how I look right now. Oh yeah. So, enough said with downing myself or whatever. This is my real, legitimate before picture. This is my wake up call. I am starting the work already to make sure I have a successful first day tomorrow.

I am not going to sit here and think I will just be perfect right out of the gate, and that I'm never going to get frustrated or screw up or say the hell with it for an afternoon or a day, or that I'll have a hard time writing about the changes I'm trying to make. But I am going to do this. I said it yesterday, and I'll say it again today, and shoot, maybe I'll make a point to say it every day that I am going to DO this. I will change. It's already started. See you tomorrow.

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