Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Five, TGIF!

My first Friday in BFL, and I am kinda glad. I went to bed late last night, but woke up with more energy today. Did my upper body workout with weights, which was great, and I just basically wrote in the exact same workout, with some adjustments, for my next upper body workout on Day 10. I had noticeably more energy all day today, which was a welcome change. Before I would be so tired that I had to have a pot of coffee (and I have a little Mr. Coffee) before work, and take a nap when Andrew would sleep, and then have to have another pot of coffee in the afternoon and evening to be able to keep up with the rest of the day. That made it hard to go to sleep sometimes, though. I did sleep when Andrew napped, but it has been really deep sleep, with vivid dreams. I wonder if that's tied in with the change in activity level?

I am looking forward, also, to not having to set the alarm tomorrow morning. The only alarm I will have going off is my son, waking me up! That will probably be about 7 or 8 am, but that's sleeping in to me! I have to schedule my Aerobics Solution for late tomorrow night since I have Andrew all day and evening before Steve gets done with work. Oh well, it's all doable.

I had a funny thing this evening with Andrew, by the way. My child is two, and is very two at times, if you know what I mean. So, being the two-year old that he is, he has a tendency to love a certain food one time, and another time it is presented, he won't even taste it. So imagine my surprise tonight at dinner. It was an accidentally vegetarian dinner (wasn't my plan, but I'm not complaining). We had lentils, brown rice, and I had corn on the cob for Andrew, and I had cooked spinach. I also cut up one of our tomatoes off of our tomato plant, and we ate that too. I have been serving all my meals on the smaller plates in our kitchen, and that makes a difference, tricking my eye into thinking I have a bigger portion than I really do. It actually was quite nice. Here:

What you see here is just a half cup of brown rice, a half cup of lentils, and a scant half cup of spinach, with a small cut up tomato (I know, you're saying "well duhhhh..."), and that's all there is. Do you know how much food I can tuck away? Now, this is a change for me. To say this was a nice meal and to mean it, me who is probably composed up of equal parts Dove milk chocolate bars and feta cheese and potato chips...ending up liking this meal so much that I wanted to take a picture of it?! How wild is that? Wait, don't answer that....What is also weird is that for the past day or two, there have been meals that I haven't finished, and have put the plate away with food still left on it, been satisfied and happy until my next scheduled meal. WILD!

So, that's the story for today. My head feels great today, my body has a bit more energy, and I am looking forward to my free day, I have to admit. I'm enjoying this BFL stuff, but come on, you know I'd be more than human to not say that I don't have a couple of food items I want to hang out with on my free day. But not until Sunday! I'll be good tomorrow! See you then!

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