Monday, August 31, 2009

Day Fifteen, Bionic Woman!

I really enjoyed my Free Day yesterday...perhaps a little too much fun for me.  I was winding down for the night last night, and looking at the clock and thinking, "yeah, I can squeeze in one more fun food before crashing, right?"  And my teeth, my stomach, and my acid reflux were like, "No way, babe."  Steve paid me a sort-of-compliment in saying that he is impressed with how I grab with a gusto on my free days, and that I'm not afraid to let loose on those days.  Not sure how I feel about that....

Today went well.  Food went ok, nothing exciting to report there.  I have decided that, after much wrestling with the alarm clock, ill will, and guilty feelings, that I am going to schedule my workouts for later in the late afternoon or early evening.  I just am not getting enough sleep, waking up at 5:45am to work out.  Plus, after I did my Upper Body Workout this afternoon, I am now thinking that I am not alert enough in the early mornings to fully push myself.   I think this may be true because this afternoon I whupped serious metal arse lifting weights.  I actually got to weights I've never been able to lift before!  I was lifting 12.5-lb dumbbells for my back and for my chest, and I was able to do a full 12 bench dips without stopping, a total first for me.  You know the dreaded bench dip, where you sit on the edge of a bench, and lift your rear end off and do a weird reverse push up like you are using the edge of the bench to pull yourself off of the floor.  Before it would take several stops and starts to do all twelve for my high point, but this time I totally made it through without stopping.  I'm sure I'll feel it tomorrow, but who cares! 

I'm more of a night person, and rather than fight this and end up stupidly tired all the time, I'm going to reschedule my workouts and see if I still keep up my progress with my weight and measurements.  Bill Phillips (author of BFL) says it is better to work out in the morning, and that it will raise your metabolism for the whole day.  It may be true, I don't know for sure, but I think progress is better than perfection here, especially if I'm awake enough to really push myself.

Other than that, it's the start of Week Three for me, and I have decided to spice up today by putting down a short list (10 items) of things I want to do with the new body I am making for myself.  In no particular order, I want to try:

Belly Dancing classes
Walking/Running for a good cause
Do at least one of those crazy clapping push-ups
Go out dancing one night
Play Tennis
Hula Hoop
Wear a swimsuit, maybe even a (gulp) two-piece, and feel good about myself in it
Swim like a fish
Winter skiing
Tap dancing classes

What would you want to do, if you could? 

I'm glad to be back in my scheduled, compartmentalized week, with my meals planned in advance, and knowing what workout is coming up.  I look forward to my upcoming little expose on female body shapes, and I look forward to writing about it here.  See you tomorrow!

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