Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day Three

Well. I now have a better understanding of my hamstrings and quadriceps. Namely that they are (1) pissed off at me this evening and (2) eager to make amends so I don't punish them again like I did today. A really pretty good workout today. I had to stop on the hamstrings high point exercise because my legs got so shaky I didn't feel safe to try lunges with weights, or without weights, for that matter. I'm talking jelly legs, yo.

I only at five meals today, not what I had originally planned for the day. Dinner was good, turkey burgers are awfully good if you cook them with some montreal steak seasoning. I had to be somewhere at 8:00, and dinner was at 6:45. I packed a nutrition bar, but after I got done, it was too late to eat it. I read in the women's Body-for-LIFE book that eating after eight is not so good. I didn't know that yesterday, when I made a protein shake at about 10:00 at night. Also, that shake gave me a stomach ache...blech. So I missed the last meal. I am a little hungry, but not too bad right now. I keep thinking of my fat pockets all over my body, and that if I keep eating well and deal with minor hunger twinges, that fat will be melting away...

Other than that, it's been quite a nice day. Meditation went better, but I still feel like a gnat on meth trying to empty my mind out and be in the moment. It amazes me how much my mind likes to natter on. Grocery lists, musical scores, trivia, imagery all fly through my head so quickly, try as I might to still the thoughts. I try deep, controlled breathing and a bit of a mantra to keep my mind on, but it's pretty funny what I end up thinking about. Today I got off on Andrew's toys, the field trip I took with my class in elementary school to the art museum, the giant white marble Buddha that was there, then I started thinking about my old schoolmates, Facebook, who I should look up next. Ugh! I keep visualizing scooping the random thoughts out of my mind, like scooping fish out of water. Better luck next time, I guess.

Tomorrow I get back on the (elliptical) horse. Am already wincing a little internally at the upcoming ass whupping. I need it, though. At least it's only 20 minutes long. I will do it tomorrow!

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