Saturday, August 29, 2009

Day Thirteen, Numbers...

Drumroll please.

I am very pleased to announce the two-week numbers here.  I just ate lunch but, feeling feisty, I decided to hop on the scale and whip out the tape measure and let the chips fall where they may.  So, here goes:  I'll post the new numbers, and the old numbers, and (if the math gods are with me), I'll even tell you the difference.  I was very pleasantly surprised by what I saw!

(old weight:  190------->down 6 whopping pounds!!!!!!)

(old bust (ha ha):  43"------>decreased .75"!)

Upper Arm...........13"     
(old arm:  13.5"------>decreased .5"!)

(old waist: 43"------>decreased 2"!  YOWZA!)

(old abdomen: 44.5"------>decreased 1.75"!)

(old butt:  45.5"------>decreased 1.5"!)

(old thigh:  28"------>decreased 2.75"  HOT DAMN!)

(old calf:  15.5"------>no change yet.)

If I ever had a doubt that this plan is working, the tape measure totally dispelled it.  There's nothing quite so dizzying and euphoric as measuring oneself, trying not to tense up or "accidentally" tug the tape measure too tight, feeling like you have a good reading, then finally looking at the number on the tape only to see it's GONE DOWN!  And some of those numbers really went down pretty dang well, if you ask me.  Hello!   Big winners this week are my thighs (I love you "hamceps" and "quadristrings", bunches and bunches!) and my waist.  My pear shape is maybe not quite so pear-y now! 

Losing six pounds, though.  Before, when I'd try to diet (instead of changing my lifestyle), I'd lose weight and feel like six pounds (or similar) wasn't very much.  Maybe there are those of you out there who feel like that too, sometimes, so here is a trick I learned about how to make those removed pounds really look like the loss they are.  Six pounds removed is like:

Six packages of butter (salted or unsalted, your choice!) on a plate--that's 24 sticks of butter, yo
A five pound bag of potatoes and more besides
Six one-pounder bags of M&Ms
A canteloup
A cat
A baby
about a gazillion packages of rice cakes (ok, running out of six-pound items right now, but you get the gist)

I am just really happy right now.  I think that's all I can say.  I am going to take a rest, since Andrew is napping, but I bet I'll be smiling in my sleep.  I plan to do my Aerobics Solution this evening when I get back from running errands, and with those numbers in mind, you can be sure I'm going to be working hard and imagining some more fat globules giving it up!  I'm going to do it most definitely, though!  I'll be having a free day tomorrow, so see you Monday! 

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  1. Wow - so patient to wait and weigh/measure every 2 weeks! and what a reward - you're melting away - way to go! so glad you saw such a great start - I can't to see next results - I'm cheering for you!!